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Relyxt sighed. He had a lot of free time, being as he was new to the Organization and missions were not given to him as often. He put on his red jacket and left his room to explore the ship. Going down the hall, it seemed that everyone else was out on a mission. "I guess I should head up to the bridge and see if the autopilot is working." Relyxt said. Taking a left turn at the end of the hall, he made his way through the common ground. A pair of Dusks could be seen slithering up and down the room. Relyxt made sure they weren't near anything important and said, "I should probably make sure that they don't break anything after I check the bridge. Free roaming Dusks tend to get out of hand pretty quickly." He passed them and went up the stairs.
Relyxt opened the door to the bridge. He walked over to the control console and sat down. Opening the autopilot interface, Relyxt created a stream of Interference to speak with the program directly.
"Welcome, user. Identify yourself to view the status of the navigation system." A voice said from the computer.
Relyxt replied, "This is Number 8, Relyxt, the Distorted Signal."
"Hello, Relyxt. What do you wish to do?"
"I am currently the only user in the ship. I need to know if the autopilot is active, and if so, what are the coordinates it is driving to?"
"Yes, the autopilot is active. It is moving the ship towards a newly discovered world in teleportation distance of Twilight Town."
"Thank you. The last thing I want you to do is shut down the interface terminal."
"Gladly, I will do as you ask."
Relyxt let the Interference stream dissipate. Everything seemed to be in working order. And the proximity to Twilight Town gave him a good idea as to where everyone else was.
The speaker in Relyxt's shirt started ringing. Bringing his watch up to his face so the microphone could hear him, he pressed the "Accept Call" button.
"This is Relyxt."
"Relyxt, all of us are down at Twilight Town, how late did you wake up?" Kayxlas's voice came from the speaker.
"I got up at 11:30, like usual. Is there a mission that I didn't hear about or something?" Relyxt replied.
"No, there's no mission. We're just down here taking a break. The abandoned mansion in the forest is a good place to hang out."
"I guess I'll come down then. There might be some junk around for me to screw around with. Send someone to meet me at the train station, please, I don't know any more of the landmarks."
"Not a problem, see you when you get here."
Relyxt hung up. He hoped he had figured out how to use a Corridor of Darkness. He raised his arm in front of him and flipped his hand up. A Corridor appeared and he walked through. He heard a train whistle as he stepped out. "Looks like it worked. I wonder who's showing up to lead me to the mansion."
That was a really long line of categories to go through.
Anyway, this was actually kind of difficult to write, because the mission was literally what Relyxt does when nothing's going on. Eh, I'll see what people think. Make sure you hit the indent button before you read so it's easier to follow.

Mission Verbatim-"A Day in the Life Of...- Just an uneventful day, nobody is calling on Org-Galaxy to take care of any problems. Write/Draw your character in his/her casual attire."

I actually do have clothes like the ones Relyxt is wearing, in case you're wondering.
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